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Electrical Power by Low Temperature Waste-Heat-Recovery realised with the ORC-Technology


The flow sheet shows the conventional process of an ORC-Power-Plant



Low Temperature Waste Heat will be feeded in an ORC-evaporater, where LG will be evaporated and the generated CnHm-Gases drive a turbo-generator.

The expanded CnHm-Gases are condensed in an air cooled condensator and feeded back to the evaporator.





ORC-Modules are premanufactured as fill automatic working Energy-Converters with capacities of 30 KW up to 5000KW.


Turbines and Diesel-Engines
using Low-Temperature-Waste-Energy

Cement Industry
HT-ORC-Process example targeting the improvement the efficiency of Diesel-Power-Plants


Cement Industry
HT-ORC-Process example for the Cement Industry with improved
Efficiency = f(Δ T I / Δ T II) = 18-24%


(Changed diagram for patent reasons)