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Burners and Incinerators

Tailgas incinerator with auxiliary burner
for oil and natural gas in front of a
combustion chamber/waste heat boiler
Tailgas Volume - 70.000 NM3/hr

Location: Carbon Black Plant in Brazil.




Oxygen gas lance at an electrical arc-
furnace in operational position.

Furnace capacity: 45,0 MW

Burner capacity: 10,0 MW

Flame speed: 500m/sec

Location: Steal work in Germany



Element of a WTP- grate step with
fluidizing nozzles for burning of dry
and wet biomass such as wood, wood-
chips, sawdust, peat, dried sludge as
well as residues of the food industries.



Roller grate with ram feeder, developed
for medium and big sized plants suitable
for counter flow and parallel flow