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Waste Heat Boilers

Waste heat boiler in an incineration
plant for industrial hazardous waste with
kiln furnace, secondary combustion
chamber and flue gas cleaning equipment.


Location: Turkey



Waste heat boiler with HT- Air Heater
for a metallurgical process.

Steam capacity: 140 t/h, 65 bar, 480 °C.

Air temperature 500°C.

Project for a steel mill in Europe.



Process Integrated Waste Heat Boiler System for 2000 to/d Methanol Plant.

Steam capacity 340,000 lbs/h
Steam pressure
1714 psig
Steam temperature
941 °F
Auxiliary boiler
200,000 lbs/h
Feed stock preheater 986 °F
Combustion air temperature
482 °F
Location Malaysia



Waste heat boiler for fluidized bed furnace “Tailend-Design”.

Steam capacity from 8 - 40 t/h
Steam pressure
from 7 - 68 bar (g)
Steam temperature
from 150 - 400 °C
Flue gas temperature
920 - 160 °C
Dust in flue gas
50 - 180 g/Nm³



Process gas cooler in a chemical plant in Germany. System: Combined watertube/firetube boiler.

Steam capacity 4500 kg/h
Steam pressure
15  - 40 bar (g)
Steam temperature
198 - 250 °C
Gas pressure
1,3 - 2,0 bar (a)



Fired Superheater with auxiliary boiler, oil/gas fired. Basic engineering an lay out for a chemical complex in east Europe.

Steam capacity 3 x 65.000 t/h
Steam pressure
87 bar (g)
Steam temperature
450 °C
gas and oil