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Inventions and patents

The following patents are samples of own inventions or results of contract inventions by Joachim Kümmel, which have been developed during his appointments with several companies of the Energy- and the Chemical Industy patents


P 19 59 228.0

HP Waste Heat Boiler for Gasification Plants.

II 3.628.508

Reformed Gas Boiler for Ammonia Plants.

P 20 08 311

Quench Cooler for Ethylene Plants.

P 22 57 426.1

Process for the Generation of pressurised SO2 - Gas.

P 21 06 740.3

System for Catalytic Reforming of Process Gases.

G 72 36 310.1

Incinerator for Explosive Waste Gases.

P 26 46 568.9

Cleaning System for Heat Exchangers in Gasification Plants.

P 22 54 666

Gasifer for the Rummel Gasification Process.

P 31 03 721.6

High Temperature gasifer for Coal - Gasification.

P 31 05186.3

Atomiser for Liquids of High Viscosity.

EP 0057747 A2

Burner for Pulverised Fuels.

P 33 17 861

Cooler/Heater for Bulk - Material.

P 44 01 821

Process for the Incineration of Waste and Biomass.

P 99 102 480.3

Process for the Extraction of Liquid Slag out of a Combustion Chamber.


Process for the incineration of soot-containing Tail-Gases with LowNox conditions.

P 102 57 305.0

Process and Equipment for Superheating of Steam in Corrosive Atmosphere.

10 2011 009 243.9

Process Preventing the Travelling of the Boiling Point in the Heating Coils of Fluidised Bed Boilers.

F23 H 3/02

Process of Incinerating Waste and Biomass on an aircooled Grate with Ω-grate bars.


Process of Incinerating Waste and Biomass on a Stepped-Watercooled Membranwall-Grate.