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Plants for the Incineration of Industrial Waste


As industrial waste, the following products can be determined: The solid, liquid and pasty residues from chemical plants and industrial plants. The waste can be partly hazardous, toxic or dangerous. The supply to the incineration plant can be done with containers, bundles, barrels or with palettes.

Industrial waste incineration plants require a special fuel logistic with a contamination control of the incoming refuse, primary to treat dangerous residues resp. contaminated residues, secondary to reduce the high values of the noxious matters in the flue gas. In accordance with the different kinds of residies the flue gas cleaning equipment has to be designed.


Principle arrangement of an
Industrial refuse incineration plant.







Recovery waste heat boiler with molten salt extraction.
Convection banc in membrane wall construction with wrapping unit for automatic heating surface cleaning.



Steam capacity 8.400 kg/h
Steam pressure 20 bar (g)
Steam temperature 204 °C
Location Finlandia



Heat Recovery Boilers for Refuse Incineration Plants


Vertical boiler with four passes.
The drawing shows the two radiation passes an two convection passes.
Cleaning of heating surfaces is done with sootblowers or a ball cleaning system.

D 40 - 120 t/h
p 40 - 100 bar (g)
400 - 500 °C
Location Europe



Tailend-Boiler with two radiation passes and one convection pass.

Cleaning of the heating surfaces is done by a rapping device.
This type of boiler is predictable for long operation time without manual cleaning an a high availability.


D 40- 100 t/h
p 40 - 100 bar (g)
400 - 480 °C
Location Europe