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IBB - Secondary Air Nozzle Prism


The IBB- Secondary Air Supply Prism (SLD) was developed in 1993-1994 by IBB- Engineering GmbH to a well operating system for MSW- incinerators. In 1998 the SLD- system, invented by Joachim Kümmel, became a patent with the No. P 44 01 821.

The results of the first SLD- installation exceeded our expectations considerably in the respect of operating time and availability of the boiler as well as in regard of lower corrosions and higher combustion quality.



Design drwg. of the SLD display during Prof. Dr. Görner's lecture acc. the German Flame Symposium in Dresden. See also the manuscript: "Optimisation of the Secondary Air Supply by a SLD- Prism"

After installation of the SLD the uneven temperature level in the combustion chamber was reduced from 300 K to 50 K. The IBB-Sec. Air Prism was installed in the Waste Incineration Plants in:

  • Bonn (Line I, II, III),
  • AZN Moerdyk (Line I, II; III und IV),
  • MVV Mannheim (Line IV)
  • Other Installations are in preparation.


The patent of the IBB Secondary Air Supply System SLD is valid in Germany. All countries are patent free. Therefore the SLD-System can be used licence free in all countries.

We are prepared to do the Engineering for planing companies and for waste incineration companies.

The IBB-Sec.-Air-Prism SLD are installed in MSW-Plants with capacities up to 100to/hr steam and up to 110bar steam pressure.

References are available for MSW grates with widths from 4 – 11 mtr width of MSW grates.


Manufactoring of the Secondary Air Supply System (SLD) for AZN Moerdyk - MSW - Plant, Netherland.


Steam capacity: 100 t/h, 110 bar

Air pattern longitudinal..2x2

Air pattern crosswise..4x3

SLD cooling by nat. water circulation

Grate width = 9000 mm

AZN Moerdyk