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Joachim KümmelJoachim Kümmel

Diplom-Ingenieur VDI/BVFS


Expert of Steam Boilers, Heat Recovery Systems and Industrial Firing Systems for Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Fuel

Member of the Federation of Independent Expert Engineers:
Member-No: 8314/6394








Advisory activities for engineering, design and installation of waste heat boilers, special boilers, industrial firing systems for biomass waste matter of all types and consistency and special fuels

Expert analysis and expert report for damages and revamping. Providing reconstruction concepts and caring out rehabilitation programs for steam boilers and combustion systems



Main Activities:







  • Expert Engineering for boilers, incinerators, rehabilitations, damage evaluation and plants of energy process technology
  • Basic- and Detail-Engineering for boilers, incinerators and plants of the process technology
  • Consulting Engineering for the Energy Process Technology EPT
  • Development Engineering for boilers, incinerators and EPT
  • Planing of ORC- Energy plants for the production of electr. energy from low temperature heat sources